Lock picking and lock opening is a specialist and professional skill, basically you are unlocking security systems without the original key using specialist equipment. Lock picking and opening locks is a necessary skill when it comes to opening a security device without destroying or damaging it.

Common Scenarios Include:

  • Left your keys at work?
  • Forgot your keys are in the car?
  • Your key has broken?
  • You have lost your keys?

At some point in time this would of or will happen to all of us, losing and/or forgetting keys can cause stress and anger, at KKC Locksmiths we aim to take all of this away, by providing first class and affordable lock picking services. Simply give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form and we can send a local locksmith out to assist you straight away.

Our trained, professional, qualified, experienced and affordable locksmiths in Lancashire have years of vital know how, specialist equipment and the knowledge of how to pick a lock without causing it any damage. You may think it is fairly straight forward to pick a lock, however the skill is in not only picking/opening the lock but also not causing any damage to the door lock, window lock and/or gate lock.

Locksmiths Lock Picking Services

Unlocking Car Locks
Door Lock Picking
Window Lock Opening
Shutter Lock Picking
Garage Door Lock Opening
Unlocking Van Locks
Gate Lock Opening

No matter Whether you have a damaged lock, damaged key, lost your car key, etc we can help, we can unlock car locks, open shutter locks, pick door and window locks and more. For more information about us, about our services or to book an emergency mobile locksmith today, simply give us a quick phone call or fill in our contact form.

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We specialise in mobile emergency lock picking and lock opening services to residents and local businesses across Lancashire and the North West.

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